Charge. Vroom. Repeat.

Capital CarShare is proud to announce the addition of a 2018 BMW i3 into our CarShare family!

This electric car is named after Kate Mullaney, the female labor pioneer who started the all-women Collar Laundry Union right here in Troy, NY in 1864. Like her namesake, our i3 combines intelligent technology and ingenuity to drive in style while minimizing the environmental impact on the community where she lives.

Mullaney is parked at the recently renovated News Apartments on 6th St in downtown Troy. With a range of 116 miles and a supplemental gas tank that provides an additional 70 miles, this is the first electric vehicle in our fleet.

Get a look inside the BMW i3 here

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Run errands in style, and save the planet at the same time. Thank you for CarSharing!